• Industrial electrical equipments • Wires, cables and accessories • Equipment & machinery for generation, transmission, distribution, protection and utilization of generators, alternators, transformers, switch gears & control gear equipment, capacitors, instrument transformers, motor, transmission line towers, cables, conductors, winding wires etc. • Communication and broad casting equipment • Carrier communication and protection systems.
• Lighting equipment, luminaries, fixtures, decorative, industrial & street lighting.• Batteries, UPS systems and voltage stabilizers • Manufacturing technologies for PCBs and other circuit carriers • Energy efficient and energy saving technologies and equipment • Manufacturers of oscilloscope, oscillators, function generator, DC regulated power supply, VTVM, LCR meter, digital milli ohm meter, digital pH/mV meter, digital frequency counter, DPM’s for volt, amplifier & frequency & H.V. tester

• Electronic counters and timers • Electronic machinery and packaging • Anti-static devices • Arrestors, chips, circuit boards, diodes, resistors
• Solenoids and wiring harnesses & Semi-conductors & Sensors • Industrial electronics equipments • Energy conservation equipment, non-conventional energy sources, solar energy system, vehicles, water heaters, pumps, lights etc.• Computer hardware and software, data and information processing systems.• Electronic training board, components & accessories for electronic laboratory.

• Industrial electrical equipments • Equipment for process control, instrumentation, monitoring and recording.• Measuring, calibration, testing, analytical, laboratory instruments & services • Instruments & meters, control & testing equipment & technology • Temperature Controller, Digital Timers Counters, Event Counters, Sensors, pH Instruments, Load Instruments, Digital RPM Indicator • Thermocouples, Programmable Digital Temp Controllers. • Controllers for BOD, PID, Microprocessor based instruments • Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Conductivity meter, TDS meter, DO meter, Photo colorimeter, Turbidity meter, Nephelometer, Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Potentiometric titrators, water & soil analysis kit.• Batteries, UPS systems and voltage stabilizers • Humidity controllers, water level indicators • PT/PTRH Controllers, time totalizers etc.• Microscopes, image analysis systems, • Highway material testing equipments, quality control instruments for survey • Stand test sieves, glassware, electronic weighing M/c & scale

• AC Motor Drives & AC Motor Starters • Console & Consolet Enclosures • Current Transformers • Digital Ammeters & Digital Multimeters • Digital Panel Meters & Digital Thermometers • Digital Voltmeters • Dry Material (Powders) Level Sensing Devices • Electrical Current Sensors & Electromechanical Relays • Electronic and Instrument Enclosures • Electronic Counters and Electronic Timers • EMI and RFI Shielding • Frequency Meters & Industrial Enclosures • Instrument Transformers & KVA Meters • Level Transmitters • Linear Limit Switches & Linear position sensors • Liquid Level Sensors • Machine safeguarding, Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches • Modular Enclosures • Motion Controllers • Motor Contactors /Motor Controllers • Photoelectric Sensors • Batteries, UPS systems and voltage stabilizers • Motor Starters and Contactors, • NEMA and IP Enclosures, PC Enclosures • Position Probes Power Meters and Wattmeters • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) • Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays • Proximity Sensors, All Types • Capacitive & Fiber Optic • Inductive proximity sensors • Magnetic proximity sensors • Ultrasonic & Pushbutton Switches • Rack Enclosures & Rotary Limit Switches • Serial Communication Products • Solid State Relays Switches, All Types • Temperature Indicators and Temperature Instruments • Terminal and Junction Boxes • Thermal Overload Relays • Grippers & Rotary Actuators etc

• Logic performance and process values display on LCD • Instrumentation integration with process & processing of both analog and digital signals from field • Microcontrollers • Automation system for power supply technology • Surge protection • Sequential starting of instruments and their interlocking systems • Auto and manual systems for Power plants • AMF logic etc

• Fire alarm systems (automatic fire detection system/ leakage detector for gas & electricity etc).• Fire protection equipment (fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, fire extinguishing chemicals and hose/ sprinkler system/ motor pump/ fire cistern/ fire extinguishing robot/ equipment box, etc). • Evacuation systems (broadcast equipment/ emergency alarm/ escape ladder/ descending lifeline/ exit route light and exit route marking/ automatic emergency reporting equipment etc) • Fire resistive material/ Fire prevention equipment (damper and exhaust port)/ cable fire spread prevention material/ fire-resistant/ heat-resistant electric wire • Smoke detector. (wireless, photoelectric, ionization type, heat detector and combined heat & smoke detector)Access control devices.• Bank security equipments.• Gas leak prevention devices.• CCTV surveillance system.• Industrial safety wears.• Explosive detection & disposal.• Information security devices.• Factories & hospital security devices. • Metal detectors & Perimeter Protection System.

• Industrial: electroplating, garment & textile processing and laundry, foundry, metallurgical, sugar processing, water treatment, effluent treatment, fine chemicals/laboratory reagents, catalyst, polymers, resins & industrial flavors.• Abrasives, adhesives, glues & gelatins, grinding media abrasives, abrasive belts, blasting abrasives, bonded & coated abrasives, glue sheets, gum products & silica gel etc.• Powder, pigment, paints, dyes and intermediates: powder/liquid surface coating systems, paint raw material, paint chemicals/ additives/ binder/whitening agent, pigment powder/intermediates, pigment dispersion, thickener, reactive dyes, permanent textile dyes, printing ink, solvents, acid/VAT/direct/ disperse dyes, thinners and varnishes.• Pharmaceutical raw materials: Pharma ingredients/intermediates & pharmaceuticals bulk drug formulation • Pharmaceutical machinery & packaging: table disintegration machines, rotary tableting machine, liquid filling machines, capsule loader machine, labeling machine, SS pallets, scoops, sieves & screens, tablet formula machine, tablet packaging machine, tablet counter, bottle inspection belts, capsule sorter bottle inspection tables, pharmaceutical filters, filtration & drying equipments filter press, fluid bed dryers, air dryers, Karl fisher titrator, melting point apparatus, potentiometric titration apparatus, tablet friability test apparatus etc.

Pharmacy Dispensing, Alternate Care Dispensing, Laboratory automation like Laboratory scale data logging, monitoring & control systems, Flexible Packaging, Systems & Sub-systems, Automation for Drug Delivery Device, Manufacturing Order Fulfillment, Refrigeration, Cold Rooms, Clean Rooms & Technical Books & Journals of Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector.

• Types of Foundry Castings Ductile Iron /Grey Iron /Steel /Aluminum /Gears /Die /Sand /Shell /Silica /Centrifugal /Ceramic /Low pressure /Lost foam /Precision and Decorative like Ornamental, antique and designer castings.

• Foundry Products : Bearing Caps, Cylinder Block, Flanges, Hanger, LPG Cylinder, Spare Parts, Dust Collectors, Pneumatic/Air Operated, Oil Pump Assembly, Fuel System Parts, Lube Oil Filters Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, Turbine /Center Housings, Engine Brackets, Carbon Steel /SS Branchlets, Screwed /grooved pipe fittings, Wheel Hubs Assembly, Gear Shifts Forks, Brake Discs, Steering Knuckles, Blast Wheel, Centrifugal Pumps, Compressor products & Electric motor end cover.

• Foundry Machinery & Equipment : Pneumatic Molding, Shot Blasting, Pin Lift Moulding, Gravity & shell casting, Low pressure casting, Centrifugal /continuous casting, controlling wheels, Cold chamber die casting, Hot chamber, Post Trim Press & Fettling machineries.

• Equipment : Melting and casting, Sand Mixers, Material and non-destructive testing, Pattern making Crane Suspended Ladles, SG Iron Treatment Laddle, Bottom Pouring Ladles, Industrial robots, Foundry testing, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers / Coolers, Mullers, Tongs, Shanks, Pyrometers, Tornesh Dryers , Media Slurry Dryers, Spiral Elevators, Conveyors, Feeders, Screeners, Shakeouts, Bin Dischargers,Food Dryers /Coolers, Foundry Conveyors/ feeders, Sand Coolers, Shakeouts, Lump breaker, Pouring, Attrition Mill, Barrel Horse, Foundry Networking, Foundry Cranes & Exhausters for industrial use etc.

• Foundry Chemicals : Fluxes for Aluminium alloys / non-ferrous foundry, Release, lubricating and sealing agents, Paints, Molding materials, Binders, Coatings, Adhesives, Plasters, Sleeves, Cleaning agents for patterns, Abrasives, Hot Tops, Resins, Bentonites, premixed products, sands, Bonding agents & Additives etc.

• Foundry Services : Semiconductor Foundry Services, MEMS Exchange, Fabrication services ranging from lithography, etching, sputtering, wafer bonding, wafer plating, to wafer dicing, Design services, Information processing & Foundry plants etc.

• Furnace Equipments : Bar Changer, Clay Guns, Drilling Machine, Hydraulic / Pneumatic Hammers, Iron Trough Cover Manipulators, Taphole Drills, Integrated Hydraulic Claygun, Solid Drill Rod with Threaded Upset Forged Drill Bits, Poking Bars, Tilting Runners, Tuyere and Tuyere Cooler Changing, Tuyere Stocks, Copper Casting Products, Retorts, Radiant Tubes, Impellors, Shafts, Chillers, Muffles, Thyristors, furnace coil, Furnace selector switch, Furnace doors / assembly, Grate, Water cooled cable & Control equipments (protectors & monitors).

• Furnace Services & Technology : Industrial Induction , Furnaces Surveillance, Furnace Atmosphere Analyzer, Low pressure vacuum carburizing and control systems, CAD Capabilities, Multi Loop Control System, Custom Operator Interface, Custom Programming & Data Acquisition.

• Types of Industrial Furnaces : High temperature, Air recirculation chamber, Muffle, Oil / Gas Fired, Pit Type, Protective Chamber / Vacuum,Tempering & Hardening, high vacuum brazing, Vacuum heat treatment, Low pressure Vacuum Carburizing, Pulsed plasma (Ion) Nitriding, Vacuum sintering, Sintering, Kilns & high temperature, Pusher Type Billet Reheating, Rotary, Pusher/Batch Type Forging, Continuous Heat Treatment, Electrically Heated, Billet heating, Homogenizing, ammonia dissociate, Induction, brazing, Steam treat, Heat Treat, Melting, Dip out, Aluminum Melting, Holding & Melting-cum-Holding, Aluminum process, Belt conveyor, Chain conveyor, Induction, Electric arc, Box, Wood, Coal, Car bottom, Pit, Steam Bluing, Solution Treatment, Bogie Hearth, Forging, Galvanizing, Bell Annealing, Central Warm air, Floor, Wall or Pipe less, Holding, Automatic dosing, Forging, Roller hearth, Walking beam, Dual chamber Electric unit, Blast, Muffle, Atmospheric, Ceramic, Glass, Chamber, Pusher type forging, Crystal, Metalizing, Grooved type, Sealed quench, Brass melting, Strip-enameling, Laboratory & Solar type of furnaces.
• Technologies : Solid State /Refractory /Blast Furnace /Gasification /rotary-hearth / Fluidtherm /DC-Furnace / Pyrocrack Furnace / Cold-top Furnace /AC Furnace /Microwave Assist Technology & Ash melting furnace technology.

• Furnace Chemicals : Furnace Oils, Dimethyl disulfide, Ethyl mercaptan , n-butyl mercaptan , Di-tert-butyl tetrasulfide, Di-tert-nonyl pentasulfide, Furnace Cement, Furnace brazing alloy paste & others.

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